how to apostille Birth Certificate in Wyoming for Denmark

How to Apostille a Birth Certificate in Wyoming for Denmark?

Wyoming Birth Certificate Apostille

If you are planning to study, teach or work in Denmark, or; you are in the process of getting married in Denmark, or obtaining dual citizenship, you will need to Apostille your Wyoming Birth Certificate from Wyoming Secretary of State. National Apostille provides all the information you may need to get your Wyoming Birth Certificate Apostille for Denmark fast and easy.

Same requirements apply to apostille Death, Marriage and Divorce certificates issued in the State of Wyoming and destined for use in Denmark.

  • If your Birth Certificate is issued in any other State, click here
  • If your Birth Certificate is destined for use in any other country, Click her.
  • If your Birth Certificate is destined for use in any other country, Click her.

General Information on Wyoming Apostille Service

Cost - Address- Processing Time

Before you request Wyoming Apostille for Denmark, you must prepare the Wyoming Apostille State requirement first to avoid any delays or rejections:

Apostille Cost $10.00
Payment method: Check - Money Order - Payable to “Wyoming Secretary of State Administrative Services Division”
Processing Time

Mailing Service: 1 Business Days
Walk-in Service:1

Mailing address

2020 Carey Avenue, Suite 600

Wyoming Birth Certificate Apostille Process

Step by Step Do it Yourself Wyoming Apostille Guide

  • You need to request a certified original/ certified copy of Birth Certificate from Wyoming Health Department. The Birth Certificate have the authorized signature and seal of the issuing agency in Wyoming to be accepted for Apostille
  • You then must mail or personally deliver the Birth Certificate to the Wyoming Secretary of State office for Apostille.
  • If you choose to mail your document, Prepare a package that includes the following documents:
    1. Your Birth Certificate - You can any number of documents
    2. Your completed request form- download it here
    3. You exact payment in the form of Check or money order
    4. A prepaid self addressed return envelope for the return of your documents after Apostille.
  • If you choose to personally deliver your document, Call the Wyoming Secretary of State Office at:(307) 777-5343 to ask about the working hours.
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