About National Apostille Website
We are your Guide to Easy Apostille and Embassy Certification

Our History

National Apostille is a new branch to our main website “US Apostille” that provides information on Apostille and embassy certification in the United States. Since 1995, US Apostille has provided expedited Apostille service and embassy certification for hundreds of U.S. corporations.Our vision was to provide professional Apostille services at short time with the lowest cost.

Our Mission

Over the years, many other Apostille agencies took advantage of the people’s ignorance about apostille procedures and charged unfair service fees. Many of our customers have been victims to their overpriced apostille service and that’s why we started “National Apostille Website”. We aim to share our long experience of dealing with governmental agencies with the public to educate and protect them against any scams services that aims to rip off their money.

Our Guide

National Apostille is mainly a guide that contains all related information on how to certify your document to be accepted for use outside the United States. National Apostille guide contains information about:

  • Secretary of State Apostille
  • Secretary of State Certification
  • US Department of State Apostille and certification
  • Legalization from foreign embassies and consulates in the United States
  • How to prepare your document to be certified
  • How to certify different types of documents.
  • Expedited service for certain documents and states at reasonable prices.